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Safe and Rapid Weight Loss.
Safe And Rapid Weight Loss! Contact Us Now!
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Safe And Rapid Weight Loss! Contact Us Now!
707-778-6019 or 415-925-3628

Important facts

The Medical Risks Of Obesity
  1. Diabetes develops three times more often among obese individuals who maintain a healthy weight.
  2. Hypertension develops ten times more often in individuals who are 20% or more overweight.
  3. 50% to 70% of all obese individuals are hypertensive.
  4. The added weight of the adipose tissue puts a burden on the musculosketal system, leading to the development of joint diseases.
  5. The prevalence of gout and degenerative arthritis, particularly of the back, knees and feet, increases with increased body weight.
  6. Obesity increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, especially in combination with hypertension, elevated lipids (cholesterol) levels, and diabetes.
  7. The risk of developing gallstones is twice as high in individuals more than 20% above median weight compared with those 10% below median weight.
  8. Individuals who are overweight have increased risk and complications associated with pregnancy and with surgery.
High Blood Pressure decreases when excess weight is lost. Blood pressure control has been demonstrated to prolong life, delay stroke and reduce heart disease.
Researches expect that a 20% reduction in weight in obese individuals would result in a 40% reduction of coronary heart disease.

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